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Lamb Shank Wrap

This Dubai Restaurant Turns an Indian Menu Into Celebrity Puns, So Ordering Has Never Been More Fun

Hen Stefani, Robert Paneer-o … just a couple of pun-tactic names from the menu at Roti Rollers. The restaurant has two branches in Dubai under the direction of Master Chef, Samer, and aims to overcome the stigma of Indian food being greasy and spicy. Check out the recipe below for their Lamb Shank Redemption (get it?).

"Lamb Shank Redemption" Wrap

Roti Rollers

Lamb Shank Wrap


  1. 90g Aata (whole wheat flour)
  2. 30g Coriander
  3. 130g Lamb boneless - shoulder part
  4. 3g Wasabi peas
  5. 1g Black salt
  6. 3g Red chili pickle
  7. 8g Red radish
  8. 80g onion, red julienne
  9. 55ml Water
  10. 4g Salt, cooking
  11. 2g Green chilly
  12. 5ml Lime juice
  13. 30g Green papaya
  14. 5g Ginger-garlic paste
  15. 2g Degi chilly powder
  16. 1g Garam masala powder
  17. 1g Mace powder
  18. 1g Green cardamom powder
  19. 20ml Mustard oil
  20. 40g Tomato
  21. 2g coriander powder
  22. 1g Turmeric powder


  1. Cut lamb into 40g pieces each, marinate with papaya paste, ginger & garlic paste, salt, mustard oil, degi chilly, garam masala, mace powder and cardamom powder for 6 hours, skewer and cook in oven at 350 (moderate heat) for 15 minutes or just done, remove, slice thinly and keep in a bowl for usage.
  2. Make pliable dough with whole wheat flour, 1g salt and water. Roll out dough to 14" diameter, cook quickly on hot griddle without any fat, till its cooked without any brown spots appearing, keep it covered with a cloth for next step.
  3. Prepare coriander chutney with coriander, green chilly, salt, black salt and lime juice.
  4. Heat oil in a pan, saute onion till golden brown, add ginger & garlic paste, tomato, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt. Cook until oil start separating, blend until smooth and keep aside.
  5. Spread roti, sprinkle coriander chutney and tikka masala sauce generously, arrange lamb kebab, top with onion, red chilly pickle, dill, wasabi peas, and red radish.
  6. Close roll, arranging ingredients as tightly as possible.
  7. Finish on Panini grill till it has crisp sides with deep golden marks (25-30 seconds).
Image Source: Roti Rollers
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