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Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur Best Love Poems

These 10 Poems Will Make You Fall In Love With Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur

Here at POPSUGAR we're all about the love. Love for everyone (Tristian Thompson is in our naughty books right now, though) and everything (with the exception of egg plants – they taste funny). Our latest chat about amour tied in with love poems on Instagram and, the first poet that came to mind was...Rupi Kaur.

We are obsessed with her work. We relate to most of it and, her thoughts on the feeling have tugged at our heart strings, many a times. We also like the fact that she not only talks about the intense emotions associated with loving someone else, but also discusses the most important bond of all – that of one's self. Her self-made illustrations are pretty cute, too.

Below are just a few of Rupi's quotes that really stood out for us….

*Wipes tear*

Preach girl 🙌 !


For when you keep trying to hold on to something that wasn't meant for you.

Patience is key.

And, you will never be alone.



The most important message of all.

During the research phase of this article, we found of lot of poets, whose work we'd love to share. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next edition of our Instagram Poets' series.

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