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RTA Gives Out Iftar Meals For Ramadan 2017

Dubai's RTA Reminds Us What Ramadan Is All About

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, do-gooders are all around. Whether donating time, food, or money-- Ramadan brings out the best in people in the UAE and beyond.

We've already learned that Emirates Post is helping to deliver over 1 million Iftar meals to people in Sharjah, but now, Dubai's own RTA is providing food to commuters who may not be home in time to break their fact.

In a video released by Khaleej Times, volunteers for the RTA explain how they are in the seventh consecutive year of their 'Meals on Wheels' program, which uses hundreds of volunteers of all ages to distribute Iftar meals at bus stations and metro stations during Ramadan.

"After a long hard day I get this meal, so I'm so happy," one commuter who was interviewed for the short film explains. A volunteer, an elementary school aged boy, says that his favorite part about handing out meals is getting to spend time with his mom.

The short video really captures the true spirit of Ramadan, and reminds us what the Holy Month is all about.

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